Mesquitas musical carreer started when he was only 14 years old playing the guitar. At the age of 19 Mesquitas moved to the Netherlands from Aruba where he first fell in love with underground dance music.

After experimenting in the studio for just one year Mesquitas signed his first release, making the beatport top 100 with his first attempt. With over 50 publications under his belt now using several aliasses he has established a name for himself in the underground community. With support from industries top artists his tracks have been secret weapons for many DJ’s.
Now being afilliated to labels like Bitten, Tres 14, Younan, Natural Rhythm and many others, Mesquitas goal is to consistently put out solid releases on ever growing imprints. On the dancefloor Mesquitas unique style of mixing and musical selection sets him apart from the masses. Learning his skills on vinyl Mesquitas style is making long blends and transitions keeping the energy at it’s peak. Focusing on taking the listener on a sonic journey of his design.

-Amsonica Radio Show & On The Couch Records-

2018 brings a new chapter to Mesquitas legacy with his fortnightly show on Data Transmission and the launch of his very own Imprint under the wing of Proper Musique the label Mesquitas has managed since 2015.