About Us

As a beginning artist, it can be tough to jumpstart your career and find your own way and artistic style. Once you start receiving plenty of bookings and building a fanbase, you’re usually ahead of the competition. Your music stirs up an audience and organizers will want to add you to their events’ line up. Initially, you may enjoy the increased interest in you as an artist, but this feeling is often superseded by the stress that accompanies all the arrangements you have to make. There’s nothing strange about that: it takes a lot of planning and effort to be able to organize a great show. It takes even more effort to expand your career and remain in the spotlight without losing sight of your own vision.
Artist Division can relieve you of those worries so that you can focus on the essence of your passion: making music and having fun. Our artist managers will guide and support you to make sure that you are able to deliver continuous quality to your fans without having to worry about the commercial complexities and complicated technicalities attached to the creative process. But we are not merely about artist management. Whether it be logistics, your show itself or an experienced team that accompanies you on tour: our management team offers tailor-made solutions for any conceivable situation, day and night. Also, thanks to our many years of experience in the dance-industry, you can always reach out to us for advice. We are more than willing to act as your sparring partner or consultant.
We are here to help you lift your career and show to the next level. Be it a complete show or only certain aspects of it: we can offer a helping hand or take away your burden entirely when it comes to show advancing, show development and managing your career. As our name implies, the artist comes first at Artist Division. So start planning your future with us, kick it back and enjoy your rise to fame!

Hatim el Khatib

Hatim has had a passion for music and entrepreneurship since he was a young boy. He started spinning records and organizing events at age 16. It did not take long before the parties and events grew larger and larger. At age 23 he became owner of Monza Nightclub in the city of Utrecht. Here, he won a number of Nightlive Awards, celebrating Monza as being the best nightclub in the entire Utrecht region.
Another one of his passions is producing radio shows. He has been presenting the FunX Dance Show on the widely popular FunX radio station for over 12 years and is closely involved in Nicky Romero’s Protocol Radio. As a presenter for FunX he has offered the stage to such illustrious artists as Afrojack, Hardwell, Chuckie and Nicky Romero at a very early stage in their careers.
Hatim has been part of Nicky Romero’s management team for over 6 years. With his comprehensive skillset and tour experience, he understands the trade like no other. Hatim’s relentless work ethic and attention to detail has made him one of the most respected tour & production managers in The Netherlands. In addition to tour production and management, Hatim is one of the premiere festival and event organizers in Holland, producing several multi-city events each year across the country.